/Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals Is Another Winner!

Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals Is Another Winner!

Car shows are not typically held in November in Chicago, but the Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals (MCACN) is not your typical show field and lawn chair event. It is a car event that features some of the most historic and significant cars from the muscle car era. Focusing on factory stock and original examples of the cars from this timeframe, the team at MCACN has hit a winning combination that is as original as the cars themselves.

The show’s formula for success has carried it through its tenth year and the event continues to build steam for future events. “We knew we had to offer something that nobody else was willing to do” stated MCACN Managing Member, Bob Ashton. “And that is exactly why this show is incredibly successful with interest growing every year.”

This rare 1969 Motion Phase III GT Corvette was on-hand as an authenticated standard of the modifications performed by Motion Performance back in the day. Images: Chris Chessnoe

Not a make-specific event, the show does highlight Corvettes in its title, which is well founded by the scope and quality of Corvettes that are in attendance during the event. Corvettes always play a key role in the MCACN show and several very special displays will be featured.

L-88 Corvettes were highlighted this year and several examples were on-hand. Kevin McKay of Corvette Repair sits beside Corvette Mike’s one-of-20 ’67 L88. Images: Chris Chessnoe

The Corvette Legends Invitational will showcase the L/88-powered 1968 and ’69 Corvettes, while the highly coveted Corvette Central Triple Diamond display and competition chronicles the history of the Corvette while recognizing the intense dedication to restoring and preserving these cars as they were originally assembled.

We knew we had to offer something that nobody else was willing to do- Bob Aston, MCACN Managing Member

Throughout the event, there were significant, and historical Corvettes on display. Everything from “Barn Finds” to recently restored examples highlighted Corvette’s contribution to the American automobile’s first high-horsepower era. Factory one-offs, notable race cars and some of the rarest factory-optioned Corvettes were rounded up for this year’s event.

This rare Chevrolet-produced rolling chassis was on display to highlight some of the marketing skills of Chevy’s PR minds. Image: Chris Chessnoe

Each car has a story to tell, and attendees can learn facts and tidbits from reading many of the information boards supplied by the car, or they can spend some quality-time speaking with many of the folks who either restored the cars, raced the cars back in the day, or even purchased the car new from the dealership. The stories are always informative and varied, as the team of MCACN seeks to rotate the focus of many of the displays each year to highlight the broad scope of the hobby and keep the show fresh year after year.

Everything from dusty barn-finds to perfectly restored examples and historic Corvette race cars are on-hand during the event. Each one has a story! Images: Chris Chessnoe

The MCACN show always presents a variety of family-friendly and kid-focused features. The Koolestuff Muscle Bike show was on-hand with rows of original Sting Ray, Krate, Spyder and other pedal-powered bicycles. The Hagerty youth judging program gives kids a real behind-the-scenes look at the event, while the scavenger hunt, coloring contest, model car “Make and Take” and Hot Wheels races are fun for kids of all ages, and always free. And to help transfer the enthusiasm of cars to a younger generation, kids 12 and under always get in free with an adult!

Restored, unrestored originals and even race cars are welcomed at MCACN. The blue SR-2 racer was recently restored to its former glory and the blue ’65 competed in both hill climb and SCCA events over the years.

Whether you’re Corvette-specific or value all those valuable cars from the muscle car era, the MCACN show is a must-attend for the automotive enthusiast! Watch the MCACN website for next year’s show dates and follow them on Facebook to keep abreast of all the exciting plans to make the next show bigger and better.