/Raleigh Classic Corvette Results

Raleigh Classic Corvette Results

A 50% sell through rate was achieved in North Carolina.
The pair of L71’s were of particular interest to me personally. I feel that they sold at below average prices and would call Lot #2069 a great deal! An absence of documentation held Lot #2065 back.
This is a sale that is typically kind of off the radar but has some very nice and unique vehicles.
A special thanks to Mr. Bob Boberg of https://www.eclassicautos.com/ for his assistance. 
Please see his article below the results.

Corvette Results

LotYearDescriptionHigh BidSold
10311987Yellow coupe$75,000
20121978L82, 4SP$11,500
20651967L71, Conv,$113,000
20661965L84/327/375, Coupe$112,500
20681965L84/327/375, /Conv.$85,000
20691967L71 Conv., 7K miles$135,000
21291965L79 Coupe$48,000

The Winter Raleigh Classic, which is held annually at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds Exposition Center in December, is one of the best kept secrets on the classic car auction calendar. During this two-day auction, over 300 vehicles crossed the auction block, once again fulfilling its reputation for having a docket full of original low mileage cars, many of which looked showroom fresh. Highlights of this year’s sale included a fantastic group of mid-year Corvettes, highly collectable GTO’s, and a totally-cool Willys Jeepster that had everyone talking. Here’s what some lucky drivers will be getting under their Christmas tree this year.

Mid-Year Corvettes

Second generation Corvettes (1963 to 1967), referred to as Mid-Year, continue to be the envy of most classic car fans. The futuristic design still looks exotic today, more than a half century later. Six of these beauties were lined up on the auction floor, including an iconic first-year split window coupe, a pair of ’65 Fuelies, a rare convertible with factory air, and two very valuable 427/435 HP Tri-Power cars. One of these Vettes had clocked less than 7,300 miles from new.

Run Day: FridayNo Reserve1987 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # F1031
Run Day: FridayNo Reserve1987 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # F10311994 CHEVROLET1994 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # F1137
Run Day: Saturday1978 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2012Run Day: Saturday1967 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2065Run Day: Saturday1965 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2066Run Day: Saturday1967 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2067Run Day: Saturday1965 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2068Run Day: Saturday1967 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2069Run Day: Saturday1963 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2078Run Day: Saturday1969 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2124Run Day: Saturday1965 CHEVROLETCORVETTELot # S2129